Book ID: 28275 Original photographic silver print portrait of John Steinbeck. JOHN STEINBECK, William Ward Beecher, Photographer.

From the Estate of Elaine and John Steinbeck

Original photographic silver print portrait of John Steinbeck.

Place and Imprint: N.p., n.d. [but circa 1960].
Condition: Hinged on the verso of a board and matted, which should probably be replaced. Original wooden frame preserved, but chipped and worn.
Book ID: 28275

Physical Description

27 x 20 cm, signed on the verso in pencil by the photographer William Ward Beecher.


A photographic portrait of John Steinbeck taken by artist William Ward Beecher (1921-2006), a descendant of the famous New England Beechers. How many portraits were produced from this one sitting is not recorded, but there were at least two: this one and a similar one that was used in 1961 on the rear panel of the dust jacket of Winter of Our Discontent. This one, which apparently was not published, was the personal property of John and Elaine Steinbeck, and was sold as part of the remains of their estate in February 2020. Betty and William Ward Beecher and the Steinbecks were apparently friends. The Beechers had books inscribed to them by John Steinbeck, and the Steinbecks owned a few of Beecher's lithographs and paintings.

Price: $1,500.00