Holograph letter signed and dated May 14, 1945 on his Big Sur stationery with his photographc portrait as part of the letterhead.

Publisher: Big, Sur, California, May 14, 1945.
Condition: In fine condition.
Book ID: 27874


Single sheet, 28 x 21.5 cm, written on the recto only in green ink, approximately 175 words. Stamped envelope present.


Henry Miller responds to an inquiry from a young collector, Jack Aldridge, who is serving in the Army, and in the course of his letter makes an interesting confession: "Dear Lieutenant Jack! I wish I were good enough to make the sort of water colors you ask for! I’m not. I can only do what happens, so to speak. I am no draughtsman at all. And nudes are especially hard for me. In fact, there's no relation whatever, in subject mater, between my writings and my painting – which is as it should be, I think. . . . Incidentally, Porter is bringing out a water color folio of mine that will give you an idea of what I do. I’m not very literal. I’ll send you something one day on a chance. You don’t need to buy it! Right now I’m busy writing. Good luck to you. Henry Miller."

Price: $400.00

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