The Conten:ted Cuck:kold [caption title]. ENGLISH ENGRAVING: 17TH CENTURY.

The Conten:ted Cuck:kold [caption title].

Publisher: [?London, circa 1660].
Condition: In very good condition.
Book ID: 25717


22 x 16 cm, trimmed to and just within the plate-mark, mounted on a board with a triple-rule and framed.


A variation on the popular theme of the cuckold, long a fixture in European and English folklore and literature. This version has the traditional horns, and they serve as cornucopias, as well, flowing with coins and jewelry from the wife's "gallant trade." The caption reads: “Ha, ha, fayre wife thou has a gallant trade / By which though has my content layde / To bee a Cuckold why should I repine / The disgrace is my wives the profits mine." From the collection of John Brett-Smith, though not in the catalogue of his library sale.

Price: $500.00

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