Autograph letter signed, dated 72 Regent Street, London, July 14, 1853. JAMES THOMAS FIELDS.

Autograph letter signed, dated 72 Regent Street, London, July 14, 1853.

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Single sheet folded to make four pages, approximately 750 words. To the critic and important figure in American literature, Edwin Percy Whipple.


“My Dear Percy / I cannot thank you enough for yr. letters. They are filled with good things and I only wish I had / the writer here to pay him with a hug. Lord, Lord, Lord, what a time I am having and how I wish you were here. / Day unto Day uttereth invitations and Night unto Night sheweth forth Dinners! / . . . How much you would have / enjoyed dear old Savage Landor's chat over a breakfast at John Kenyons last week when I sat between both / these writers and listened like a three year old child. Landor's remarks are as startling as the first clap of thunder in / a fresh summer and his criticisms wd convulse you. Let me try and remember some of them / We were talking of style. 'God d-n it,' said he 'the man who wrote English was Ben Franklin! Doctor Johnson was nobody beside him!” ¶ Fields also writes about meeting Alexander Dyce, Lord Russell, and sends gossip about John Wilson (Christopher North) of Edinburgh (“Professor Wilson is in a mad house!”). Fields and Whipple were close friends from the beginnings of their literary careers. This is an early example of Fields' correspondence. The majority of letters cited in James Austin's Fields of the Atlantic Monthly (Huntington Library, 1953) are after 1860.

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