Appraisal Services

The Brick Row Book Shop offers appraisal services of books, manuscripts and archives for insurance coverage, charitable contribution, estate tax, division of property and establishment of a value for sale.

We appraise single books, entire collections and libraries, and in the past 34 years we have performed hundreds of such appraisals for private individuals, institutions and corporations. Our appraisals are done in accodrance with the guidelines set forth in the Department of Treasury Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property.

All appraisal work is billed at an hourly rate or at a negotiated fixed rate. Under no circumstances are our fees based on the value of the material being appraised.

Hourly rates for private individuals, institutions and corporations, including transportation (one-way) to the inspection site, inspection, research and appraisal report preparation: $375.00 per hour.

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